Shatter Crash iPhone Now Available

ShatterCrash_Icon_256Our newest update for Shatter Crash hit the iTunes store today.  With this release, we’re happy to announce Shatter Crash now supports iPhone devices!

What does this mean?  Until this point Shatter Crash on iOS was an iPad only binary, so only people with iPads could enjoy it.  However this latest release is a Universal Binary capable of running on iPad and iPhone.  So the good news is anyone who purchased the iPad version will automatically be able to play on their iPhone/iPod devices.  If you go to the Shatter Crash store page with your iPhone/iPod, you should have the option to download it.  If it only gives you the option to ‘Buy’, then never fear, just hit buy and enter your credentials.  Apple will automatically grant access if you previously purchased it, I confirmed this myself several minutes ago. Your account will not be charged if you ‘Buy’ the iPhone version of Shatter Crash and previously purchased it when it was iPad only.

To celebrate Shatter Crash arriving on iPhone, we’re holding a 50% off sale for the next week. So grab it for your iOS device!

Match and Flip Now Available for iOS Devices on the App Store

Holiday Tiles
Holiday Tiles
Preview of the new look in the Match and Flip Holiday Update, featuring festive matching tiles and falling snow!

We are happy to announce our new puzzle game, Match and Flip, is available on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod devices!  Match and Flip is a fun and relaxing tile matching puzzle game great for any age.  Featuring 3 difficulty levels and addictive game play, you won’t be able to put it down!  Download it now for free and be sure to tell your friends!

Download on the App Store

And don’t forget, you can also find Match and Flip for your Android device on the Google Play Store!

Get it on Google Play

Please rate and leave a comment for Match and Flip on the App Store if you enjoy it, we’re looking forward to hearing what you think!