Development Update

Thanks to all of our new friends who have liked us on our new Facebook page, added us to circles on Google Plus and to all of our new Twitter followers. We truly appreciate your show of support for our humble indie studio as we work to wrap up our latest and greatest mobile game, Shatter Crash. All of the months of hard work are really showing as we are getting our app feature complete. What have we been working on? Well, we now have a fully functional store and inventory interface. It still needs a fair amount of love in regards to visuals and player feedback, but you can buy and equip power suits, attachments, and programs! We have decided to incorporate a skybox into our game screens, this allows us to be able to manipulate the backgrounds in more cool and interesting ways.

We have spent countless hours improving, placing, and modifying game icons and menus, but we still have plenty of work left to do on that. We implemented story screens and the game is really starting to feel like a game. Next on the horizon is addressing an overwhelming need for player feedback and instruction. This will be a slow process, but one that definitely needs to be done and done right! We are also working on overhauling our mainframe (level) selection screen. Once we are done with that, it will look truly amazing. So much work, so little time. Thanks for all the support and appreciation from the community, it helps us get through these long work days. Stay tuned, updates are coming fast and furious!

Watch for more development update screenshots on our social network pages!