Shatter Crash iPhone Now Available

ShatterCrash_Icon_256Our newest update for Shatter Crash hit the iTunes store today.  With this release, we’re happy to announce Shatter Crash now supports iPhone devices!

What does this mean?  Until this point Shatter Crash on iOS was an iPad only binary, so only people with iPads could enjoy it.  However this latest release is a Universal Binary capable of running on iPad and iPhone.  So the good news is anyone who purchased the iPad version will automatically be able to play on their iPhone/iPod devices.  If you go to the Shatter Crash store page with your iPhone/iPod, you should have the option to download it.  If it only gives you the option to ‘Buy’, then never fear, just hit buy and enter your credentials.  Apple will automatically grant access if you previously purchased it, I confirmed this myself several minutes ago. Your account will not be charged if you ‘Buy’ the iPhone version of Shatter Crash and previously purchased it when it was iPad only.

To celebrate Shatter Crash arriving on iPhone, we’re holding a 50% off sale for the next week. So grab it for your iOS device!

Shatter Crash Now Available For Android On Google Play


Get it on Google Play

Shatter Crash is now available for Android on Google Play for both phones and tablets!

To celebrate Shatter Crash’s arrival on Android, we’re holding a special 50% off Release Week sale! Get it now before it ends February 27th!

Once things settle down a little bit, we’re going to look at moving onto the Amazon App Store as well, for those of you using Kindle tablets.  Stayed tuned and check back here for more information on that front. Continue reading “Shatter Crash Now Available For Android On Google Play”

Shatter Crash Releasing On Google Play February 20th

Shatter Crash Releasing On Google Play February 20th

Shatter Crash Releasing On Google Play February 20th

We have some big Android news! Shatter Crash is releasing on Google Play Thursday February 20th!  This is the first time Shatter Crash, our 3-D puzzle game, will be available for Android devices!

To celebrate the release, we’ll hold a 50% off sale during the first week Shatter Crash is available, so grab it while it’s hot!

Thanks to everyone for your patience during the long interval for us to get a release for Android!  And thanks for our friends and family for their help and support in making this happen!

What is Shatter Crash you ask? Check out the Shatter Crash game page to learn more!

Screenshots of Shatter Crash for Android

Screenshot_2014-02-13-17-51-08We wanted to show off a fresh batch of screenshots of Shatter Crash for Android for your enjoyment.  These were taken running on a first generation Nexus 7 and they look gorgeous!

We’re planning to release Shatter Crash for Android on the Google Play store in about a week.  Additionally we plan to release Shatter Crash on the Amazon AppStore for Android shortly after that, although we don’t have a firm date yet.

Check back soon for more details!

Shatter Crash Is Coming To Android

January was a busy month, but we’re happy to finally let everyone know Shatter Crash is coming to Android in the very near future!


The plan is to initially release Shatter Crash for Android on Google Play, then follow with a release on the Amazon AppStore for Android. We don’t have a firm release date set for the Google Play or Amazon AppStore releases yet, but the goal is to release by mid-February!

Check back soon, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus to stay up-to-date!

Match And Flip St Patrick’s Day Update Released


Our new Saint Patrick’s Day theme update for Match and Flip is now available on the App Store and Google Play!  Match and Flip is a fun and relaxing tile matching puzzle game great for any age.  Featuring 3 difficulty levels and addictive game play, you won’t be able to put it down!  Download it now for free and be sure to tell your friends!

Get it on Google Play

Shatter Crash New Release Date is 7/26!

As you may of noticed, Shatter Crash is not available for purchase today in the App store. We are currently held up in the Apple submission process and it is taking a lot longer than anticipated. Due to this, we’re planning for our official release day to be next Thursday (7/26).

The good news is that we (and you) have another week to help spread the word about Shatter Crash and work on increasing our marketing exposure. Thank you all for your patience on this!

SHATTER CRASH Submitted to Apple!

Well its official, Shatter Crash has been submitted to Apple!! Countless hours have gone into creating this game and it’s time for a slight sigh of relief and trepidation as we push our baby out of the nest. The work doesn’t stop for us though, it simply changes the direction of our effort.


We have partnered with Mitch Gross to aid in our marketing effort, but the wild west nature of the app store makes it difficult to get noticed. We appreciate any effort that you make to help us to spread the word of Shatter Crash. Any word of mouth, Facebook sharing, and retweets are extremely helpful for us and we appreciate those that have, any little bit helps! We would like to give a special thanks to Josh Fairhurst and Ben Moore at Mighty Rabbit Studios for sharing some insight that they learned about the exhaustive process of marketing their immensely fun Saturday Morning RPG.

Our art staff is still hard work wrapping up some additional marketing flair. Justin Johnson is working on an epic marketing video that we will release soon and Kyle Hagen is working on an official trailer for Shatter Crash, which is sure to impress!

There is numerous game improvements that we want to make to Shatter Crash and we plan on starting on those relatively soon, so expect a nice little update after Shatter Crash is released.

We expect Apple to take about a week to approve Shatter Crash. We are still on track to hit our release target date of July 19! Please help us spread the awareness of Shatter Crash so that we can keep this dream alive. Thank you for all of your support, we could not have done it without you!

Shatter Crash Beta Sign-ups!

Good day everyone! We’re happy to announce Shatter Crash is very close to completion! To celebrate, we’re going to run a short open beta before the game releases to the public on the Apple App Store. If you have an iPad (any version), a love for games and a desire to try out a new game before all your friends, send us an email at for details on how to sign-up.