Development Update – SHATTER CRASH!

Well to start off, we’ve been busy… real busy! We want to take a moment to thank all of those people spreading the word about our game. As an indie studio we really rely on your support and appreciate any effort you put forth that allows us to keep doing what we’re doing. Now onto what we’ve been working on. First off, this week we discovered an app has sprung up on the App Store that had the exact name we were going to use for our game, so to avoid confusion we decided we would release under a different name. From here on out, our game will be called SHATTER CRASH. Please help us spread the awareness of this change and tell your friends!

Now on to the good stuff. We are working with community and marketing veteran, Mitch Gross, to ensure Shatter Crash receives maximum exposure. We also received some assistance from a friend of ours, Kyle Hagen, in the creation of high quality game icons and buttons. We have several of these new icons in our current build and we are working to get all of our current icons replaced with these new sleek versions. These are leaps and bounds better than what we had!

We incorporated new node models from one of our artists, Donovan St.Clair, into our Node Select Scene. We are playing around with different backgrounds and effects on this screen and we’ll be continually updating the look and feel of this up to our game release and probably beyond. We’ll show you some updated screenshots of this soon.

Even though we are working on a lot of miscellaneous tasks right now, we made time to address some player feedback concerns. We’ve added a combo counter to our game HUD so you can see in real time how many shapes you’ve destroyed and receive the associated encouragement. Particle effects for program use have been improved and the destruction force of programs has been increased for maximum boom! After some play testing, we decided to modify some of the attributes of our power suits and we’ve incorporated numerous logic changes to our store and inventory screens to minimize player confusion and ensure strong feedback.

We have finally done away with our placeholder main menu screen and now have a much prettier tap to continue interface featuring the one and only STAN. We also incorporated new fonts into our game, so it’s no more boring Arial.

Our extremely talented artist, Justin Johnson, is in the middle of creating an epic marketing video for Shatter Crash. Based on his previous work, this one is guaranteed to blow you away! We plan on parsing down the video to be used for our intro cinematic as soon as it’s ready.

So what’s planned for the future? We are planning to submit our game to Apple next week. Just because we are submitting doesn’t mean we are done, not by a long shot. We’ll be working hard to polish the game and add additional features we feel will make a real difference in the final product.

That’s all for now, thanks for all of your support! Time to get back to work…

Development Update

Thanks to all of our new friends who have liked us on our new Facebook page, added us to circles on Google Plus and to all of our new Twitter followers. We truly appreciate your show of support for our humble indie studio as we work to wrap up our latest and greatest mobile game, Shatter Crash. All of the months of hard work are really showing as we are getting our app feature complete. What have we been working on? Well, we now have a fully functional store and inventory interface. It still needs a fair amount of love in regards to visuals and player feedback, but you can buy and equip power suits, attachments, and programs! We have decided to incorporate a skybox into our game screens, this allows us to be able to manipulate the backgrounds in more cool and interesting ways.

We have spent countless hours improving, placing, and modifying game icons and menus, but we still have plenty of work left to do on that. We implemented story screens and the game is really starting to feel like a game. Next on the horizon is addressing an overwhelming need for player feedback and instruction. This will be a slow process, but one that definitely needs to be done and done right! We are also working on overhauling our mainframe (level) selection screen. Once we are done with that, it will look truly amazing. So much work, so little time. Thanks for all the support and appreciation from the community, it helps us get through these long work days. Stay tuned, updates are coming fast and furious!

Watch for more development update screenshots on our social network pages!